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Picture of Deity Components Streetsweeper Frame 2014

Deity Components Streetsweeper Frame 2014 - £349.99 £299.99

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What truly separates one frame from another?
Is it a marketing slogan, an array of color choices, or the latest brand that you think will make you unique at your spot?
Are all frames built alike?

There are many aspects to a deity frame that position it at the highest level in the industry and they are not due to a marketing campaign or countless dollars spent advertising it. It is about the detail, design, geometry, manufacturing process, and passion that goes into each frame. These are not the run-of-the-mill cr-mo frames that are welded, powdercoated, stickered, and sent off to hang on the wall at your local bike shop. There is a lot more that goes into each deity framethe proof is in the details and the quality of the ride.

The typical production process for most frames consists of ordering the raw materials, prepping the tubing for welding, assembly of the frame, a nice layer of powdercoat, application of stickers, and lastly packaged in a brown box with the companys logo on the side.
The amount of actual 100% Post Weld Heat Treated 26 wheel frames on the market can be counted on one hand and the reason is simple, it is extremely expensive, time consuming, complicated, and is one of the short cuts a company will make to get you a frame at a cheap price, regardless of strength.

Until a frame is fully Post Weld Heat Treated, the frame is just multiple tubes with welds holding them together. To unify the frame as a whole, relieve stress areas, and substantially increase the strength of the frame, the Post Weld Heat Treat process is one of the most critical aspects of why our frames are one of the, if not the, strongest frames on the market. The process is laborious and consists of two detailed treatment phases where, after the first phase of Post Weld Heat Treatment, every frame is individually mounted, inspected, and hand checked for alignment and accuracy. After any adjustments are made, we enter the second and final phase of Post Weld Heat Treatment, creating one of the strongest frames on the market.

It is not as simple as sending a frame away to be heat treated and then moving forward with production. There are multiple stages, countless hands that touch each frame, digital gauges that check each angle, and production processes that must be delayed until the Post Weld Heat Treat process is finished.
It is an amazing stage of production that exemplifies the amount of care and thought put into each frame, insuring you are receiving the best frame money can buy.

What separates one frame from another? The answer is simple and the line of deity frames exemplify why. From our full black E.D finish treatment to prevent rust, the impeccable welds that form the structure of each frame, our comprehensive Post Weld Heat Treatment process, discipline specific geometry, our Lifetime Warranty, our long term testing process of each frame, and so much moreour goal at deity is to deliver you the last frame you will ever need to buy, an experience from the minute you receive the box, a frame built around our unmatched quality standards, and a frame that is tailored to your specific style of riding.

Dedicated Street/Park Specific Geometry

100% POST WELD Heat Treated

Double and Triple Butted Tubing

External Triple Butted Seat Tube

Integrated Campy Spec Headset (45x45 degree)

Spanish 73mm Bottom Bracket

Compact Micro Dropouts

Full Black ED Treatment To Prevent Rust

deity Architect
Stay Braces

Singlespeed Only

International Standard Disc Brake Mount

Recommended Fork Travel- 80mm

Beautiful Flat Finish with Two Tone Artwork

Limited Lifetime Warranty to the Original Owner

Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy to the Original Owner

Weight: 5.4 lbs / 2.46 kg

On sale at Chain Reaction Cycles

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