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Picture of DT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon Front Wheel 2012

DT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon Front Wheel 2012 - £499.99 £399.99

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DT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon Front Wheel

Not only does the XM 1550 TRICON® look fast, it also combines XC weight with trail riding strength. The meticulously perfected components mean zero compromise for pure riding enjoyment.

  • DT Swiss thru bolt: The DT Swiss thru bolt system is 100 % compatible with the quick release standard. Instead of a thin 5 mm shaft, the DT Swiss thru bolt is an alloy bolt with a diameter of 9 mm on the front hub and 10 mm in the rear. For mountain bikes with disc brakes, a thru bolt ­connection is a substantially stronger and therefore safer ­connection.
  • Thru axle: Contrary to the DT Swiss thru bolt system, a thru axle connection is not compatible with the quick release standard. The thru axle is always an integrated part of the frame or fork. The diameter of those axles is generally 20 mm in the front and 12 mm in the rear.
  • Center lock®: Center lock rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano®, Inc.
  • IS (6-bolt): International standard for disc brake mounting with 6 bolts.
  • Double butted: Double butted spokes are thinner in the center than at each end due to DT Swiss‘ unique cold forging technology which reduces the diameter of the spoke for better strength to weight performance with improved elasticity. Only the cold forging process assures the highest mechanical quality.
  • Bladed: These spokes have a flat (bladed) middle section for better aerodynamics. As in our butted spokes, the coldforging process is used for optimization of its mechanical properties.
  • Prolock: A patented liquid injected into the nipple thread allows for extremely durable wheel builds.
  • Tricon: Patented tubeless wheel system with an ideal stiffness to weight ratio.
  • RWS: Patented wheel mounting system. Stiffer, safer and more user friendly than conventional quick releases. 100 % disc brake compatible.
  • SBWT® welded (strength boost welding technology)®: First two small blocks (sleeves) are pressed in both ends of the rim to stabilize the profile during the welding process. During the welding process the two ends move towards each other to achieve a solid joint. Then the seam gets CNC machined. This process guarantees the best rim joint.

DT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon Front Wheel Specifications:

  • Width: 100mm / 9mm or 15mm or Lefty
  • Weight: 721g (9mm), 730g (15mm) or 715g (Lefty)
  • Rim: Clincher, tubeless
  • Hub: TRICON®; DT Swiss thru bolt, RWS, center lock® - (9mm) / DT Swiss thru axle, center lock® - (15mm) / Lefty, IS (6-bolt) - (Lefty)
  • Spoke: 24 pcs, double butted, bladed
  • Lacing: Open crowfoot
  • Nipple: DT pro lock torx
  • Accessories: Rim tape, center lock® adaptor

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