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Picture of Fulcrum Red Metal 1 XL 6-Bolt MTB Front Wheel 2014

Fulcrum Red Metal 1 XL 6-Bolt MTB Front Wheel 2014 - £269.99 £237.99

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Since it was first created, Red Metal™ 1 XL has proven to be a successful wheel and plans to be so for many years to come! The secret of Red Metal™ 1 XLs success is to be found in a perfect mix of performance, lightness and looks.This is why this year, Red Metal™ 1 XL comes with an additional feature that makes it compatible with front-wheel 15mm through-bolt suspensions and the new standard rear O.L.D of 142mm. These two pieces of kit will enable you to customize your Red Metal™1 XL to suit your bikes features.

The aluminium spokes designed by Fulcrum® number 24 for both the front and rear wheels. In both cases we employed our 2:1 technology to improve torque transmission on the rear wheel and braking and directionality on the front.

The aluminium hubs have 20 mm axles that notably increase the stiffness of the wheel, which improves manoeuvring precision and eliminates the annoying phenomenon of pad-disc brake contact. The smoothness of the Red Metal™ 1 XL is guaranteed by industrial bearings with double seal. The maximum smoothness, virtually maintenance-free.

  • Red Metal™ 1 XL wheels are compatible with tubeless tires and with all ISO six-bolt braking systems.
  • Average weight*: Front:735 g, Rear: 915g: The weight of the wheels does not include the quick release, and it refers to the lightest configuration.

Fulcrum Wheel Technologies:

  • Ultra-Fit™ Tubeless: Imagine the rim and tyre as a single unit composed of two materials. This is what we wanted to achieve conceptually with Ultra-Fit™ Tubeless technology. The rim was developed during the design stage to obtain perfect adherence with the tyre. The consequent elimination of friction makes it possible to improve performance considerably. Energy dispersion is drastically reduced by the tubeless tyre. The advantages are indisputable even in terms of practicality. Fitting the tyre is facilitated by the form of the rim while two tracks in the rim groove help keep the type perfectly positioned at all times.
  • The 2:1 Two-to-One™ system has been used for all the rear wheels and for the first time Fulcrum® has also extended their advantages to all the front wheels fitted with disc brakes. The doubling of the spokes on the critical side makes it possible to reduce the unit load borne by each spoke as the spokes themselves are no longer subject to the mechanical stress resulting from the different disc. Overcoming this drawback the spokes will be able to transfer the forces exerted at the rear by the pedalling traction and at the front by the torsion torque of braking, and give the front wheel previously unknown stability.
  • MoMag™: MoMag™ technology is integrated in wheels which do not have drilling of the top bridge of the rim. The nipples in these wheels are guided to their seat by employing a little magnet. Their accessibility from the outside makes it possible to carry out all the spoke tensioning and replacement operations conveniently. The absence of holes on the rim permits all the original strength to be maintained as well as the use of tubeless tyres. The hermetically sealed valve ensures that the tubeless tyre is kept under pressure.
  • Oversize Axle: The hubs designed for Fulcrum® wheels employ a generously dimensioned design for both the central body and for the rotation axis. The diameter of the latter, 20 mm for all the models with disc brakes, guarantees high resistance to transverse and torsional stresses. A contribution is also made to this result by the mechanical architecture of the hub which, in the AFS™version, is provided with bearings with a double ball-bearing race positioned outside the flange, so that it is aligned with the disc on the respective side. The Red Metal™ Zero and Red Metal™ 1 models are fitted with precision bearings with cones and cups which make fine adjustment possible and with a double gasket to provide a barrier against the infiltration of dust and mud.
  • QR - 15mm Thru-Axle Adapter System: The world of fat wheels is continually evolving. Mountain bikers are renowned for being keen on trying and experimenting new technical solutions adapting a bike to the route and to their riding style is normal for off road lovers.And Fulcrum does not fall behind. On the contrary, it pushes ahead and offers new solutions that dont force you to make a definitive choice, but leave you the option to change your mind. The Fulcrum 2011 range includes the standard modification kit with quick release and 15mm thru axle for the front wheel of Red Metal 0, Red Metal 1, Red Metal 3 wheels and the 2 versions of Red Zone. A clever solution that will allow you to use the Fulcrum wheels on bikes with front forks with traditional release or thru axle.
  • Syntace X-12 Adapter System: The Syntace X-12 standard, with a 142mm rear O.L.D. and an innovative way of adjusting the wheel to the stay, is the new feature on many branded frames. Fulcrum, which has always kept a close eye on the needs and demands of the market, has found a solution for this: for its 2011 range Fulcrums R&D department has designed and developed a special kit that changes 12/135mm thru axle wheels into 12/142mm thru axle wheels thanks to a simple kit included with the wheels. This solution will make your Red Metal 1XL, Red Metal 3 wheels, along with the basic and XLR version of the Red Zone wheels, 100% compatible with the German companys new standard. It is extremely easy to assemble, with no need for any special tools.

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