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Picture of Fulcrum Red Metal 3 6-Bolt MTB Rear Wheel 2013

Fulcrum Red Metal 3 6-Bolt MTB Rear Wheel 2013 - £249.99 £199.99

Save £50.00!

Fulcrum 6-Bolt Red Metal 3 MTB Wheelset

A versatile MTB wheelset for speed, responsiveness and reliability on any terrain. Milled rims, a 2:1 spoke configuration and oversized hubs/flanges give Red Metal 3 the perfect combination of weight and strength for fast descents and quick climbs.

  • Weight: front: 745g, rear: 940g
  • Tubeless design
  • Milled Rims
  • MoMag Magentic Spoke guide
  • Variable Section Steel Spokes
  • Aluminium Nipples
  • 2:1 Spoke Configuration
  • Oversize Aluminium Hubs
  • Oversize Drive Side Flange
  • Fully Sealed Bearings

Weighing just 1685g, Red metal 3s will tackle any climb while the sturdy tubeless rim, oversize hub and the steel straight-head spokes guarantee easy steering, high manoeuvrability and maximum reliability however hard you ride. 


  • Milled Rim: The milling process provides excellent lateral stiffness at a low weight for an agile, reactive riding feel.
  • MoMag Magentic Spoke guide: The spoke nipples, are inserted inside the rim through the valve hole and guided into place with a magnet. This means a uniform rim profile with no holes or weaknesses for improved strength, longevity and weight.


  • Variable Section Steel Spokes: These allow a very high spoke tension for maximum stiffness and reactivity.
  • Aluminium Nipples: reduce the peripheral mass (rolling weight) of the wheel to the minimum, thus increasing its response and acceleration.
  • 2:1 Spoke Configuration: On the rear wheel the number of spokes on the drive side is double that of the opposite side. This gives greater stability, torsional stiffness and reactivity thanks to the perfect balance between the spoke tensions. The front wheel spokes have been doubled on the disc brake side; this keeps the wheel steady when braking.


  • Oversize Aluminium Hubs: These provide a high degree of lateral stiffness and enhanced torque transmission for fast, efficient power transfer and impact resistance.
  • Oversize Drive Side Flange: This further improves torsional stiffness and reactivity under pedalling.
  • Fully Sealed Bearings: exceptional quality and smoothness; high ef?ciency over time and resistance to dirt and grit.
  • 20mm Aluminium Pin: extremely lightweight with very high rigidity for improved steering precision. Please note: this is not a 20mm thru axle system.
  • QR/15mm Thru-Axle front wheel adaptors: These allow the front wheel to be compatible with standard Quick release forks and 15mm thru axle designs.
  • Syntace X-12 135/142mm rear wheel adaptors: These allow the back wheel to be compatible with both 135mm and 142mm dropout spacings.

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