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Picture of Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch Tapered Forks 2013

Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch Tapered Forks 2013 - £929.95 £427.99

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Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch Tapered Forks 2013

  • Travel: 160mm -> 120mm
  • Damping: TST MICRO - Lock Out Micro Adjust - Compression - Rebound
  • Spring: Switch TA - Air Negative Spring - Travel Adjust
  • Axle: QR20
  • Stanchions: Ø35mm Aluminum - Nickel Treatment
  • Steerer: Tapered Aluminum 1-1/8"
  • Brake System: 6" Post Mount - Max Disc 203mm
  • Stroke: 120-160
  • Fork length: 546 mm
  • Steer tube-wheel offset: 44 mm
  • Weight: 2308 g

Intended Use - Enduro:

This riding style is for skilled riders, and involves steep, aggressive slopes, large obstacles, and moderate jumps. ENDURO forks should be used only with disk brakes, and those frames, wheels and other components specifi cally designed for this riding style. The disk brakes must be attached to the designated mounting points provided on the fork. Never make any modifi cation to your fork when attaching any equipment.


New Fitted & Slotted Bushing:

New bushing design features vertical slot for oil fluid and lubrification; fitted design process forms itself to the internal casting machine seat. The goal is to have the best feeling, most supple feel between the stanchions and the casting.

Nickel coated tapered stanchions:

All forks with nickel coated stanchions show a new superficial treatment and a new design. The new superficial treatment improves their smoothness and their resistance to the dirt encountered during every bike ride. The internal tapered profile design allows a consistent weight reduction in comparison with the previous MYs equivalent stanchions, without losing out on stiffness and resistance.

TST Micro:

To ensure a fork’s ideal performance, it is key to keep oil and air completely separate. We were the first to introduce a bladder system on a mountain bike cartridge; a design taken from motocross technology. The bladder can inflate to expand when the shaft goes inside without any air getting in. Slightly redesigned to reach perfection, the TST Micro is the latest step in a forward evolution of our closed cartridge hydraulic system. The red knob on the lower part of the fork leg adjusts rebound; the black top lever activates the Micro system controlling compression. The Micro adjustment located in the middle of the top left knob sets the threshold valve in order to offer maximum traction and control on any terrain and combining it with any riding style. Lockout is activated quick and easy to not hold you back from your uphill adventure.

Switch TA:

Switch TA, our hydraulic travel adjust system is available on 55 and 44 mountain bike fork models. The optional travel change of 40mm (on the 55 series) or 30mm (on the 44 series), maximises the comfort level on any terrain with a travel adjust system that does not affect the damping system.

The basic idea behind the system has been around for a while: In 2001, we first developed ECC – “Extension Climb Control” which we later updated with the widely successful – ETA “Extension Travel Adjust”. With our systems we can boast to have been the first to offer climbing specific travel reduction systems that reduce axle to crown length making steep climbs much easier and more comfortable. Since 2012, we have closed our proven AER system into a cartridge and have added in the upper part and introduced an hydraulic travel adjust system. The fork is optimised to smoothly adapt to any terrain without any effort from the rider.

Based on the same motivation that first had us develop the ECC system back in 2001, we have perfected the idea in the Switch TA and turned it into an hydraulic system. With one simple switch of a knob, you can fundamentally change the parameters of your mountain biking experience by exactly the change you expect – precise to the millimeter.

Switch TA uniquely differs from other travel adjust systems because the mountain bike fork automatically re-extends without pulling back up on the bars. It’s easy and simple while still allowing for buttery smooth travel in both the reduced or extended settings, right from the beginning of the travel. Years in the making, tested, tough and reliable, Switch TA lets you switch easily between travel options.

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