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MET Buddy Helmet

A timeless classic. A well-proportioned shape which is reassuringly safe. With their sleek curved lines, the Buddy kids helmet design has become a timeless classic. Striking the perfect balance between solid volume and air vents has created a compact and well-ventilated helmet at a highly competitive price.

MET Buddy Helmet Features:

  • Twin-shell construction - Unlike In-mould construction used for the rest of our range, Twin-shell construction means that the exterior coloured shell is applied to the polystyrene foam after the latter has been moulded. This construction technique is more cost-effective but may mean a higher shell volume for the same shock absorption.
  • Anti-allergenic interior pads - The interior pads are vitally important for helmet comfort. We only use anti-allergenic fabric varying the thickness according to the position in the helmet. Hand washable.
  • Safe-T Twist 2 - Exclusive technology developed by engineers in our Research and Development laboratory. Occipital retention system. Its role is to ensure that the helmet is held firmly on the head. There is a dial at the back of the helmet for easy one-hand size adjustment. The internal mechanism was designed for precision and reliability.
  • Anti-insect net - The anti-insect net prevents insects from entering the helmet through the front air intakes and thus reduces the risk of stings.
  • Reflective rear stickers - Being visible, whatever the age of the cyclist, including children sitting in a child seat behind their parents bike, is a safety essential. At night or in tunnels, the reflective sticker placed at the rear of the helmet makes the bike visible to drivers approaching from behind.
  • Strong-fit lateral dividers - Exclusive technology developed by engineers in our Research and Development laboratory. For a helmet to be fully protective it must be adjusted to fit securely. It must also remain secure whilst being used. MET helmets are all fitted with lockable lateral dividers (where the front and back straps meet). Positioning them correctly, in other words just under the ears, then blocking them in the chosen position is childs play.
  • Anti-pinch buckle - Making it easy for young kids to learn to ride a bike and then use it regularly is one of our priorities. By analysing their childrens behaviour, our engineers and designers use their everyday experience as cyclists and parents for inspiration to constantly improve the little details that make such a big difference. The buckle which closes the strap system under the chin has been designed to avoid any pinching, even when used clumsily.
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Head Contact Surface (HCS): 75%
  • Cooling Factor (CF): 4
  • Certified EN 1078 and AS/NZS2063.

MET Buddy Helmet Technology:

METs Air Scale:

  • A real performance indictor of the helmets level of ventilation. When defining ventilation efficiency, a fundamental aspect which directly influences a cyclists performance, most helmet manufacturers simply indicate the number of air intakes for such and such model, implying that the helmet with the greatest number of air intakes is therefore the best ventilated. However, in reality, this indication alone does not provide any real information about the true capacity of the helmet to keep the head cool.
  • MET, on the other hand, has developed its own protocol to measure the helmets performance in terms of ventilation called Air Scale, which measures two fundamental parameters. The Head Contact Surface (HCS) and the Cooling Factor (CF).

Cooling Factor (CF):

  • The cooling factor is calculated using Fluid Flow Analysis. Through this very high-tech computerized analysis system particle traces are used to visualize and measure the motion of mass-less particles that are placed in a flow field. In our case we measure the velocity and temperature of the air as it goes through the helmet in order to rate each helmet accordingly to its capacity of keeping the head cool. The higher the Cooling Factor, the cooler the head.

Head Contact Surface (HCS):

  • The Head Contact Surface indicates in percentage how much of the head is in contact with the helmet. It is easy to understand that where the head is in contact with the helmet there is no room for the air to circulate. The HCS provides a key information to rate a helmet ventilation. The lower the HCS, the better the ventilation.

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