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Picture of Michelin Wild RaceR2 Ultimate Advanced TS Tyre

Michelin Wild RaceR2 Ultimate Advanced TS Tyre - £42.99 £34.99

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Michelin Wild Race'R2 Ultimate Advanced TS Tyre

MICHELIN Wild RaceR has an optimised tread pattern to improve performance on fast rolling surfaces:


  • Low tread blocks spread over the whole of the tread (very good performance).
  • Diamond-shaped tread blocks set at 45 to the rolling direction to get more edges in contact with the surface and increase grip.
  • Lightweight and good puncture resistance
  • "UST TUBELESS Homologated"
  • Tyre for hard-packed terrain
  • Excellent performance
  • Optimum grip


  • Weight: 750g
  • TPI : 110
  • Tringle: Soft
  • Diameter: 26"
  • Width: 2,25
  • Pressure: 2/4
  • Tubes: N/A
  • Rubber: 63/68


  • MICHELIN Advanced Technology: "Advanced Technology" tyres benefit from superior performance thanks to the special nature of their tread patterns and rubber compounds (GUM-X series) or their casing architecture (ex Reinforced Technology)
  • MICHELIN TS: When designing their cycle tyres, MICHELIN use two types of bead, flexible beads (TS) and rigid beads (TR). The flexible beads invented and developed by MICHELIN are made exclusively of aramide fabric, which is also to be found in bulletproof vests. This textile fabric has a very great resistance to extension whilst being very lightweight. These beads therefore have the special features of being very light and very strong, which reduces the overall weight by 40 to 70 grams per tyre. MICHELIN high performance Road and Mountain Bike tyres are all equipped with flexible beads.
  • MICHELIN UST Tubeless: The extra rubber on the sidewall is an additional defence against attack. "UST Tubeless Homologated" tyres do not require the addition of extra products. Even without inner tubes or the addition of liquid latex, they are extremely airtight and are ideally suited to marathon, All-Mountain or endure use on brittle terrain. However, they are heavier than the new generation of "Tubeless Ready" tyres.

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