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See.Sense. Corsa Rosa Edition Rear - £64.99

See.Sense. Corsa Rosa Edition Rear

Get some road sense with this limited edition "Corsa Rosa" See.Sense. intelligent rear light. This tiny, clever light helps make you more visible - flashing brightest when a cyclist needs it most. Seriously bright LED's, long run-time, USB rechargeable, no switches, weatherproof, lightweight,widely-dispersed lightstrong mount. See.Sense. has it all.


  • Weatherproof
  • USB Rechargable


  • Intelligent Sensor Technology: See.Sense continually monitors motion, orientation and light. Both the front and rear lights use this technology to monitor the bicycle and its environment. It responds to road conditions junctions, roundabouts, filtering in traffic, approaching headlights and more. So it’s the first bicycle light than can respond to your situation, flashing brighter and faster, to make you more visible when you most need it most.
  • Daylight Visible: You can see a car’s tail lights clearly in the daytime, but not most bike lights. See.Sense. uses the brightest, most efficient LEDs, enabling See.Sense. to flash brighter than the lights on a car. This lets you be seen clearly, even in daylight.Cyclists are most often not seen by other road users at dawn and dusk and this level of extra brightness helps See.Sense. really punch through the gloom to command attention and get you noticed. We use only the best quality CREE LED’s.
  • Long Runtime: See.Sense’s efficient power usuage means it can be bright but with around 12 hours run-time, depending on usage. Variations are due to the light changing it’s flash patterns at times of increased risk. We expect a commuter using this light to easily obtain 12 hours). The lithium ion battery recharges from any USB socket. The See.Sense ‘Fuel Gauge’ letsyou know the remaining runtime. Your See.Sense. will never run out of charge unexpectedly.
  • Wide Visibility: Most cycle lights have a narrow beam which is only effective when a car is approaching from behind. See.Sense. think what you really need is side visibility and so they've deliberately used Fresnel lens elements to increase the viewing angle of our light, helping you be seen from every angle. It even illuminates you and the road around you. This helps drivers high up in HGV cabs and motorists viewing you from a side angle see you much better. This extra wide viewing angle also means our lights can be really bright, without dazzling drivers. Progressive optics spread the light more than 180 degrees, giving you effective side visibility.
  • Weather Resistant: Weather-resistant with simple to use motion gesture control. Button and switch free, ensuring effective weather sealing.
  • Motion Gestures: See.Sense has no switches. It uses motion gestures to turn on and off which is great for Winter months when you are wearing gloves. It stays off in your pocket and stays on when you’re waiting at traffic lights. It’s easy to use just fit and forget. And if you really do forget to turn it off, the auto-off function kicks in after 10 minutes of inactivity to ensure you’ll have lights for your next journey.
  • Personalisation: No two riders are the same and so no two lights need to be the same either. You can decide how you want See.Sense. to perform set your preferred power levels, decide whether you want flashing or steady beam, decide whether you want it to react to light or your environment. See.Sense also works straight out of the box (after a charge) so you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to let See.Sense decide while you ride.
  • Small, Compact and Sturdy: Small and compact at 5.8 x 3.8 x 4.8 cm (2.3 x 1.5 x 1.9 inches), and very light at around 55 grams. The lens is made from Lexan (the same tough polycarbonate used in the helmet visor in the Apollo moon missions!). The casing is made from Luran S, a very tough ASA plastic.Only the finest materials for the finest bike light.

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