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Cycleops Trainer Accessory Kit - £164.99 £131.99

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The CycleOps Trainer Accessory Kit is for the ultimate trainer setup. This kit has everything you will ever require to get the most out of your Cycleops trainer. Included in the kit: 1 trainer mat, 2 climbing blocks, 1 sweat guard, 1 trainer tyre, 3 RealRides DVDs (climb, speed and power).

The trainer mat is of durable construction and will not only prevent your trainer from walking during intense workouts but will also protect your floor from sweat and bike grime. The riser or climbing blocks will provide a stable and worry-free ride in any rear mounted trainer and offer a three-level design to allow you to select the difficulty. In fact, you can stack two blocks to simulate climbing workouts and choose from 12 different adjustment levels. The bike thong or sweat guard helps keep corrosive sweat from your frame and includes a convenient removable pouch, perfect for your TV remote, phone or MP3 player. The 700x23 trainer tyre included in the kit is ultra quiet and super durable (for trainer use only). In addition, the kit includes three titles from the RealRides DVD series (Climb, Speed and Power).

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