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Picture of Lazer Sport Armor Helmet

Lazer Sport Armor Helmet - £49.99

The Lazer Sport Armor Helmet provides protection at a weight you didn’t even think was possible. Due to the In-Mould construction this helmet will pass all impact tests while only weighing in at 275 grams.

On the inside it has channel ventilation and top exhaust vents to drive hot air out and keep cool air flowing. Multiple sets of padding will create a snug but comfortable fit so you are safe riding through town.



Feather Light:

Feather Light helmets are the lightest helmets of the Lazer range. They are so light and comfortable you will forget you are wearing them after a while


In-mould, 1 piece


16 vents

Channelled Ventilation:

Channelled ventilation means the inside of the helmet is designed to have air flowing over your head at all times. This is accomplished by having ‘channels’ cut out of the EPS allowing air to move freely, even if the helmet is tight on your head. These channels guide the air from the intake vents, over the head towards the outlet vents at the back of the helmet

Vent Tunnel Tested:

Tested in a specifically designed ‘vent tunnel’ to measure the amount of air that is flowing over the head and in which specific areas. Based on this testing designers can adjust the vent position and size of the vents to make sure they create products with good ventilation to make sure you can perform at top level

Multiple Thickness Padding:

Delivered with multiple paddings with different thickness, by combining the correct paddings you can create a custom fit that works for you

Fluo Colour:

Riding in the dusk? Stayed out on a bike ride a little too late? Whatever the situation, it is important to be seen by other road users. Enter high visibility colours from Lazer. Make sure to stand out with one of the Flash coloured helmets

Safety Approval:



275 grams (medium)

On sale at Evans Cycles

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