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Picture of Lazer Sport Tardiz Tri Helmet

Lazer Sport Tardiz Tri Helmet - £149.99

Designed specifically for the rigors of triathlon, the Lazer Sport Tardiz Tri Helmet won the 220 Triathlon Editor’s Choice Award in 2013. 6 vents assure airflow over the riders head with an additional Aquavent, a ventilation port on the top surface of the helmet which allows the option of delivering water into the helmet to prevent overheating. Special perforated EVA padding and EVS channelling allows the water to filter down and around the head. Optimal water and air flow over the head provides for maximum cooling and riding efficiency.

Dual Layer Aerodynamics, a front glossy surface and a back matte dimpled surface, provides the best possible airflow over and around the helmet surface. The Rollsys retention system and Magic magnetic buckle, makes putting Tardiz on easy, quick and comfortable for fast transition times. The helmet also had sunglass friendly earpads.



Feather Light:

Feather Light helmets are the lightest helmets of the Lazer range. They are so light and comfortable you will forget you are wearing them after a while


In-mould, 2 pieces

Rollsys Retention System:

Fully integrated mechanism which surrounds the head completely. By turning a smooth thumb wheel on top of the helmet, the Rollsys system permits an accurate and progressive peripheral sizing adjustment. The fit of the helmet will symmetrically be tightened without any pressure points on the head

Adjustable Head Basket:

The adjustable head basket allows the back part of the rollsys system (that grips the back of the head) to move up and down depending on the riders preference. This way the Rollsys system can be adjusted even more too individual rider needs and can create even more comfort


Aerodynamic means the helmet delivers a significantly better aerodynamic performance compared to standard road helmets. These aerodynamic results are measured with the use of a wind tunnel for maximum accuracy. Head down Aerodynamics means the helmet will actually improve its performance when your head is down and your riding position is changed to a more aero style


6 vents


You can use your bottle to deliver water into the Aquavent to help reduce overheating. Special perforated EVA padding and EVS channelling allows the water to filter down and around the head

Wind Tunnel Tested:

All helmets are designed to be safe, but Lazer helmets are also designed to be fast. That is why their helmets are tested in wind tunnel facilities. They go through a variety of test to measure the aerodynamic performance and improve it where possible


Perforated helmet padding to distribute water over the head. The Perfopad helps you cool of when you need to. Just pour your bottle through the Aquavent and the Perfopad will make sure the water gets spread over the head. Exclusive to the Tardiz helmet the Perfopad works in combination with the Aquavent to keep your head cool in warm conditions. It is the ultimate combination of TT aerodynamics and road helmet cooling techniques

AquaPad Padding:

Water based padding for increased cooling and comfort. The Aquapad is made from a “soft solid” material, that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory’ shape of a solid. The use of the material results in a reduction of pressure concentration (pressure points) on the head, which is beneficial for blood circulation. Additionally, the Aquapad allows a reduction of skin temperature due to its high heat conducting properties. The reduced skin temperature is desirable as it reduces sweat production. Finally, the Aquapad is shaped such that it prevents sweat droplets, containing salt, from dripping into the eyes which often results in mild pain. Sunglass-friendly earpads flex for quick entry and exit

Magic Buckle:

Allows riders to quickly close or open the buckle connecting the two straps. With one hand the rider just pushes it open or closes it by bringing the male and female part close together, magnetic forces do the rest. Thanks to this solution the hassle of opening or closing your buckle is now a problem of the past. Even in winter when wearing gloves, riders can easily open and close the buckle without any difficulties. It will also prevent skin from getting in between the lock


Compatible with the optional Lazer Sport Aeroshell which helps increase aerodynamics (not included)


Available separately

Safety Approval:



400 grams (medium)

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