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Picture of Lazer Sport Wasp TT Helmet

Lazer Sport Wasp TT Helmet - £299.99

The Lazer Sport Wasp TT Helmet excels in aerodynamic performance. Everything about the helmet is shaped around the rider’s position to find the optimal fit between the helmet and the rider’s back. The aerodynamic performance of the Wasp is the result of extensive wind tunnels research, scientific insight in aerodynamics and the use of mathematical models that allow Lazer to compute and optimize the shape of the helmet in the virtual environment.

The lens is an integral part of the helmet and can be moved forward so that air can flow into the helmet when needed. This creates airflow through the helmet with air passing over the rider’s head and out the two tail vents. A trip wire on the top of the surface of the Wasp creates micro vortices to assure for a smooth airflow over the tail of the helmet. The Lazer Autofit Retention System automatically adjusts for a comfortable fit every time. Four vents to provide interior cooling to keep the head cool.


Time Trial


In-mould, 2 pieces

Autofit Retention System:

Based on the incredible Rollsys system, but even easier to operate, the Autofit system eliminates any need to manually adjust the helmet retention. As a fully integrated system, totally invisible from the outside of the helmet, the Autofit system connects the rear basket and the front head belt of the retention system and puts a constant and even tension between these two components. To put the helmet on simply pull the rear basket and the head belt away from each other, put the helmet on your head and the Autofit system will automatically tighten itself around your head for an optimal fit each and every time

Adjustable Head Basket:

The adjustable head basket allows the back part of the rollsys system (that grips the back of the head) to move up and down depending on the riders preference. This way the Rollsys system can be adjusted even more too individual rider needs and can create even more comfort


Aerodynamic means the helmet delivers a significantly better aerodynamic performance compared to standard road helmets. These aerodynamic results are measured with the use of a wind tunnel for maximum accuracy


4 vents

Wind Tunnel Tested:

All helmets are designed to be safe, but Lazer helmets are also designed to be fast. That is why their helmets are tested in wind tunnel facilities. They go through a variety of test to measure the aerodynamic performance and improve it where possible


Integrated adjustable visor can be moved up and down to increase ventilation or improve aerodynamics

Safety Approval:



475 grams (medium)

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