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Picture of MET Parachute HES Full Face Helmet

MET Parachute HES Full Face Helmet - £169.99

The lightest and best ventilated full-face helmet in the world makes its comeback. Now featuring HES construction which will dissipate pressure over the whole helmet in the event of impact; the MET Parachute HES Full Face Helmet is sure to keep you well protected.

Shell construction:

Monocoque Integral Construction – The parachute’s chin guard is integrated into the helmet structure thus turning it into a true full-face helmet. It has been born out of cutting edge techniques and highly innovative design, a combination which has lead to the creation of a chin guard which is extremely solid, compact and well ventilated. HES Construction – Homothetic embedded skeleton – In the event of an impact, the pressure on the helmet shell is uneven, however, in reality most of the pressure is concentrated within a limited area. HES construction, which involves embedding a homothetic skeleton at the back of the helmet, spreads the pressure built up by compression at the impact point, and thus dissipates the force of impact over the whole shell

Fit system:

Safe-T Twist 2 – Occipital retention system, its role is to ensure that the helmet is held firmly on the head. With a dial at the back of the helmet for easy one-handed size adjustment. The internal mechanism was designed for precision and reliability


Gel O2 anti-allergenic front pad – Instead of absorbing perspiration it sends it towards the sides of the face. With superior hygiene, a much longer lifespan, a natural capacity to adapt to body shape and its thickness remaining stable over time, the Gel O2 front pad offers so many advantages that it will permanently change your idea of helmet comfort. Originating from the medical industry, it is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, made from thermo-stabilising polyurethane morph-gel and it helps keep the head really cool. A key factor not only for comfort but also for the cyclist’s performance. Hand washable


Reflective rear stickers


Thanks to the broader and lighter contact area, the pressure on the head is distributed in a homogenous way for added comfort

Extra Features:

Kit for camera – The parachute comes fitted with a MOPOV (my own point of view) kit which allows you to fit your onboard camera onto your helmet in a flash. System suitable for multi-brands. Light weight. The removable MOPOV kit is fitted to the middle of the helmet. An Allen key is all you need to fit the kit. The self-adhesive fitting on your camera fixes to the MOPOV and not to the actual helmet. Nothing stays on the helmet after use

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