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Picture of MET Sine Thesis Road Pro Helmet

MET Sine Thesis Road Pro Helmet - £189.99

The MET Sine Thesis Road Pro Helmet is a daring innovation worthy of a Jules Verne novel transformed into a very real product by our technical wizardry. With it’s Gel O2 anti-allergenic interior pads and it’s Safe-T Smart fit, this helmet will fit firmly on your head while keeping you cool.

Shell construction:

ICE Lite construction – Outstanding structural performance. Exclusive technology developed by engineers in our research and development laboratory. And exoskeleton of ICE Lite composite material unifies the three distinct elements which make up the helmets structure. Inspired by animal carapaces, the concept when combined with in-mould construction leads to outstanding structural performance

Fit system:

Safe-T Smart – Occipital retention system – ensures the helmet is held firmly on the head. A dial at the back of the helmet for easy one-hand size adjustment, the internal mechanism was designed for precision and reliability. Includes a vertical adjustment to position precisely where the helmet touches the head


The specific shape of the deflectors (the visible part of the skeleton) directs maximum air flow towards the interior of the shell


Gel O2 anti-allergenic interior pads – hypos-allergenic and anti-bacterial, made from thermo stabilising polyurethane morpho-gel. Gel O2 holds the helmet snugly in place thanks to its natural capacity to adapt its shape to fit the head. Instead of absorbing the perspiration, the front pad sends it to the sides of the face and help the head cool. Hand washable


Reflective rear stickers


Kevlar straps – ventilated, breathable, lighter and ultra-resistant, they have numerous advantages over traditional straps


Thanks to the broader and lighter contact area, the pressure on the head is distributed in a homogenous way for added comfort

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