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Picture of MET Stradivarius HES Road Pro Helmet

MET Stradivarius HES Road Pro Helmet - £129.99

Are you going to choose the MET Stradivarius HES Road Pro Helmet for it’s excellent weight/shock absorption ratio or because of it’s exceptional design which puts it among the most striking protective helmets for cyclists in the world? Knowing that this helmet uses HES construction which dissipates the pressure over the whole shell in the event of an impact keeping you well protected, why wouldn’t you choose it?.

Shell construction:

HES Construction – Homothetic embedded skeleton – In the event of an impact, the pressure on the helmet shell is uneven, however, in reality most of the pressure is concentrated within a limited area. HES construction, which involves embedding a homothetic skeleton at the back of the helmet, spreads the pressure built up by compression at the impact point, and thus dissipates the force of impact over the whole shell

Fit system:

Safe-T Smart – Occipital retention system – ensures the helmet is held firmly on the head. A dial at the back of the helmet for easy one-hand size adjustment, the internal mechanism was designed for precision and reliability. Includes a vertical adjustment to position precisely where the helmet touches the head


Gel O2 anti-allergenic interior pads – hypos-allergenic and anti-bacterial, made from thermo stabilising polyurethane morpho-gel. Gel O2 holds the helmet snugly in place thanks to its natural capacity to adapt its shape to fit the head. Instead of absorbing the perspiration, the front pad sends it to the sides of the face and help the head cool. Hand washable


Reflective rear stickers


Air Lite straps – made from a revolutionary technique of weaving polyester fibres which aids sweat evaporation and provides greater tensile strength with less weight. Embedded straps – In the event of a crash, the tensile stress that the straps place on their anchoring points can be violent. The fact that Stradivarius HES’ anchorage points are embedded in the polystyrene and not attached above the shell means that the straps’ tensile stress is more evenly dissipated


Air Lite lateral dividers – go way beyond their primary function which is to lock the straps into position. Indeed, their ultra-flat design helps reduce aerodynamic drag


Thanks to the broader and lighter contact area, the pressure on the head is distributed in a homogenous way for added comfort

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