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Scott Vanish Contessa Women's Helmet - £105.00 £36.75

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The Scott Vanish Contessa Women’s Helmet has all the features you’d expect from a mountain bike helmet, incorporated to create the perfect balance between ventilation, fit, lightweight and superior safety. At 230g in size Medium you still get maximum protection from the ConeHead Technology and the specially designed ventilation system keeps you cool, even on the hottest of dusty trails.



In-mould Technology:

The fusion process between the Microshell and the helmet’s EPS liner ensure performance in terms of impact resistance for a lighter and more ventilated helmet

ConeHead Technology:

A revolutionary new way to mould EPS foam for helmets with two different densities and two different foams with their own characteristics of recovering from impact. The harder EPS is moulded as a series of cones which act similar to the cone shaped-traffic barriers. In a crash, the impact force pushing towards the head causes the higher density outer layer to compress. At the same time, the head is travelling in the opposite direction, compressing the lower density inner layer and the tops of the cones of the higher density outer layer. Therefore the energy is spread sideways within the foam instead of towards the head. The increasing resistance of the collapsing cones allows the head to gradually slow down. The result is a lower g-force experience for your head

Micro Rotary Adjustment System:

Micro Rotary Adjustment System offers precise adjustment with automatic lock system

Built-in Front Chin Straps:

The webbing straps are linked directly to the in-moulded frame keeping the external surface of the helmet free of any anchor fixation, so clean design and more aerodynamic performance at the end


Removable visor

Safety Approval:

CE EN 1078


Silkscreen. Water decals application

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