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Tacx i-Genius T2020 Virtual Reality Trainer - £999.99 £899.99

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With the Tacx i-Genius T2020 Virtual Reality Trainer cycling becomes a celebration. This top trainer offers unlimited entertainment and makes indoor training a real pleasure. What is so attractive about the VR trainers is that not only is the race displayed on the monitor of your PC, but true-to-life signals are transmitted to your bike. On a climb you will feel the gradient through the rear wheel and downhill it is just as if you had wings. The i-Genius includes the Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced. With this ultra modern software you enter virtual worlds which are even more real than real while riding on your Tacx trainer. You can't tell the world on your screen apart anymore from the real world. Once you have been overwhelmed, you never want to go back.

The i-Genius has a wireless motor brake with a computer-driven flywheel that generates high powers at low speeds. This makes the climbing of hills and mountains even more realistic. The i-Genius even features downhill drive. The i-Genius features PowerBack. This system converts the heat that is generated in the brake and released during the ride, into electricity that is then fed back into the power grid. This means that you are generating your own electricity. LED lights in the brake indicate the cycling speed and the power output. The communication between brake, VR interface and PC is wireless. The trainer itself has to be plugged into an electric point.

Integrated motor brake system with downhill drive
ANT+ interface on handlebar
Wireless communication between brake system, interface and PC (ANT+ Dongle)
TTS 4, Advanced offering 4 computer animated virtual reality terrains, 2 criterium races and velodrome, and catalyst training programs with 3D display
Resistance Levels:
1500 Watt maximum
Wheel Support:
Skyliner front wheel support
Extra Features:
Cadence and balance measurement without sensors
This trainer offers realistic simulation of outdoor cycling through its computer-driven flywheel and a high power output at low cycling speed

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