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Picture of Tigra Sport BikeConsole PowerPlus Mount for Samsung Galaxy GS4

Tigra Sport BikeConsole PowerPlus Mount for Samsung Galaxy GS4 - £44.95 £40.46

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Introducing the Tigra Bike Mount Power Plus Galaxy S4. Tired of having to keep getting your Galaxy S4 out of your jersey pocket or saddle bag to look at your GPS or to keep an eye on your performance? With the Tigra bike mount, specific to the Galaxy S4, you’ll always have your phone in sight and it will be safe and sound. The Tigra case has a IPX4 rating which means it can stand being rained on, so if you are 25 miles out in a ride for example and it starts raining then your Galaxy S4 will be all good. As well as being rain proof, the case is also strong and durable, Tigra carried out tests dropping the phone in the case from 2 metres from multiple angles on to hard concrete. Both case and mount are made from engineering plastics giving it industrial strength and durability and with two latches either side of the case it locks and holds the phone with extra security. Also with a new safety lock that prevents the case from falling out of the bracket it can withstand some of the toughest road conditions and hardest impacts. You are still able to have full control and use of your phone through the protective screen and also the camera. You still have access to your home and lock button and an accessible headphone slot, so if you prefer to ride with headphones then you have the capability. Over all this is a solid mount and case which you will not have to worry about once your phone is inside it.

This case and mount in one has more to offer than you think, with the Power Plus range you are able to charge your phone whilst riding giving it a secondary battery life, meaning that you are able to go on those extended bike rides. The power pack gives about another 50% of battery to your phone allowing you to have the option of going for a slightly longer ride than intended. The battery within the Mount and case has a capacity of 2800 mAh which is enough to power your phones battery twice with out it itself running out. Also with an extra micro USB port you are able to run and charge other electrical devices that you have on your bike at that given time. it is also compatible to run or charge with certain dynamos or charge with a computer or wall mounted plug.


Strong engineered plastic construction

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