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VDO M3 Cycle Computer - £30.00 £27.00

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Introducing the VDO M3 Wired Cycling Computer. The M3 is a slight step up in computer and functionality from the M1 and M2. It still impresses the market by its compact and lightweight structure but has more data reading functions that can help you achieve your personal best time or just to get faster. The easy to read Portrait screen is super easy to read with large displayed figures, this means you are looking at the screen for a minimal amount of time. The Display always simultaneously shows two (VDO M3) functions so that they key data your require to see is always in front of you.

The integrated roadbook function is a particular highlight. This separate distance counter (which counts forwards or backwards) can measure individual section distances during a ride so that roadbook routes can be perfectly followed. This makes the M3 ideal for all riders. Keep on top of your rides and only have the intentions to better yourself and the way you ride.


Large display, full text display, 7 languages selectable: DE/GB/FR/IT/ES/NL/PL, battery warning when low battery status, data storage during battery replacement, usable for 2 bikes, separate data memory for each bike, wheel sizes adjustable via wheel circumference or tire chart, display sleep mode after 5 minutes break, auto start/stop


Current speed, average speed, maximum speed, ride time, ride distance, total distance, time and temperature


CR2032 – computer battery life: approx. 1 year ( approx. 10.000km/6.000mi)

Extra Features:

M3 WR computer (incl. battery), mounting bracket, spoke magnet, mounting equipment



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