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Introducing the VDO M5 Wireless Cycling Computer. The M5 has an enlarged screen size compared to its younger siblings and can fit a few more data recordings. The M5 has the capability of switching between two bikes making it a versatile cycling computer and also makes it ideal for cycling pre-mapped routes. This is all down to its trip section distance and time counters and also its “roadbook” functions. This is a distance counter that counts backwards and forwards. The clear and easy to read display shows the speed, average speed, maximum speed, ride time, trip distance, total distance, time and temperature. The VDO M5 uses digital wireless transmission and automatic pairing and it’s functions can be optionally expanded to include a wired HRM and cadence measurement. Working side by side the (not included) HRM and Cadence monitors add extra readings which can help you train a lot more precisely and efficiently.

The Technical innovations in the VDO “M” range are reflected from the 1 series to the M6. The intuitive, function based operating structure on the M5 alongside the large full text display makes for an extremely user friendly device. The computer has a few technical details which again make this computer a simple and straight forward computer; integrated backlight display, a battery warning sign for the computer and any other sensors attached, data retention when changing battery and an integrated tyre table for setting the computer up with different bikes with different sized wheels. The M5 also features a stop/start function, just get rolling to begin the computers data retention. A sleep mode will kick in when the computer has not been active for a certain a mount of time, which makes this, again, super user friendly. Overall this is an easy to use and great functioning computer.


Large Display, D3 digital wireless transmission for speed, heart rate, cadence, automatic pairing, automatic bike recognition, full text display, languages selectable, DE/GB/FR/IT/ES/NL, battery warning when low battery status for computer, speed-, heart rate-, cadence sensor, temperature display, display backlight, data storage during battery replacement, usable for 2 bikes, separate data memory for each bike, wheel sizes adjustable via wheel circumference or tire chart, display sleep mode after 5 minutes break, auto start/stop


Current speed, ride time, average speed, current distance, maximum speed, part-time counter (manual stopwatch, counts only when driving), part-time distance counter (counts distance in the part-time), roadbook counter, 2nd trip counter, forward-/backward counting, adjustable, clock (12/24 hour mode with am/pm display), total ride time for bike 1, total ride time for bike 2, total distance, total ride time bike 1, total ride time bike 2, total ride time, permanent comparison between average and actual speed (indicator arrows)


CR2032 – computer battery life: approx. 1 year ( approx. 10.000km/6.000mi)

Extra Features:

VDO M5 computer (incl. battery), D3 speed sensor (incl. battery), handlebar bracket, spoke magnet, mounting equipment, quick-start instruction manual



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