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Picture of Polar CS500 Cycle Computer & Heart Rate Monitor

Polar CS500 Cycle Computer & Heart Rate Monitor - £224.50 £202.00

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  • Oversized display - bigger size allows more data on the screen and ensures better display readability with its flat lens minimising disturbing reflections in direct sunlight
  • Unique rocker switch - with a 2-way rocker switch it-s quick and safe to control your cycling computer even at high speeds. You can operate your cycling computer simply by gently touching the left or right side of the handlebar unit. The advanced double pivot gives an extremely light and sensitive button feel
  • W.I.N.D. Technology
  • DataLink - new wireless data communication method between your training computer and PC. Just plug your DataLink into a USB port of your PC and it detects your training computer in the room with W.I.N.D. technology (Datalink not included, must be purchased separately)
  • Drink Reminder - Indicates when you should drink and eat so that you can carry on your training
  • Cycling speed and distance - wireless speed sensor provides accurate and disturbance-free measurement of your cycling speed, distance and pace
  • Altimeter - records your altitude information for route profiling and displays your current altitude, ascended/descended feet
  • Inclinometer - displays uphill and downhill steepness in percentages and grades, calculating that from the altimeter data. Numerical information helps you track your efficiency effort accordingly
  • Bike 1/2/3 - you can customise wheel size settings for three different bikes
  • Autostart/Autostop - start and pause training recording automatically based on speed signal. This feature calculates your effective cycling time automatically and accurately
  • Temperature - displays and records the temperature information helping you to notice the weather changes during your training
  • 99 memory files - Automatically stores all cycling data from the last 99 trainings
  • ECG accurate heart rate with zones (% max)
  • This neat cycling computer helps improve cycling performance by measuring heart rate combined with speed and allows quick and safe control with the rocker switch and oversized user-configurable display.
  • The CS500 also displays the inclines and declines of your ride with altitude measurement.
  • The new Dual Lock bike mount - the most advanced bike mount on the market. It's easy to install and can be mounted on stem or handlebar. Bike mount's precise metal parts guarantee sturdy attachment for the cycling computer
  • Training load and recovery - the new training load feature in polarpersonaltrainer.com tells you how hard your training session was and how much time is needed for complete recovery.
  • This feature enables you to control your total workload, optimise your training, compare training load and recovery time of different training sessions, and monitor your performance development. Training load takes into consideration different factors which affect your training load and recovery time, such as training type, training intensity, duration and of course your individual factors and heart rate during training.
  • Continuous monitoring of training load and recovery will help you recognise personal limits, avoid over and under training and adjust training intensity and duration according to your daily and weekly targets showing when you are recovered for the next training session.

This model does not include the Datalink or Cadence function.

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