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Picture of Schwalbe Fat Albert Evo Snakeskin Folding Tyre

Schwalbe Fat Albert Evo Snakeskin Folding Tyre - £49.99 £40.99

Save £9.00!

It is almost ten years ago that Fat Albert took mountain biking into a new era. It was the first tyre that provided both lightness and large volume. Now there is a completely new Fat Albert. Its core competences remain though: Large volume. Low weight. Strong SnakeSkin side wall.

Fat Albert Front: A new, special front version is designed for safe handling and braking grip. And with U-Blocks on the shoulders the Fat Albert Front tackles curves precisely.

One of Schwalbe’s most effective inventions for mountain bikes. SnakeSkin fabric adds only ca 40-50g per tyre. This makes it the most practical protection against sharp rocks that can easily cut the side wall of light racing tyres. SnakeSkin - in rocky terrain it is a great call!

Shoulder lugs with a special trick. U-blocks ‘lift’ themselves due to their special arrangement and spread cornering forces.

Triple Nano Compound
The optimal three-way rubber compound: Fast, grippy, heard wearing. Nano particles improve grip and rolling resistance - particularly effective on the dynamic centre compound.

  •   Size: 26 x 2.25"
  •   Colour: Black
  •   Weight: 650g (2.25")

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