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Picture of Tacx Fortius & i-Magic Steering Frame

Tacx Fortius & i-Magic Steering Frame - £184.96 £99.95

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  • Your greatest cycling wish will be fulfilled and it's only the beginning
  • The Tacx CycleForce i-Magic is the world?s first virtual reality trainer that can make your dreams come true
  • The unprecedented high quality of the realistic i-Magic programs will immerse you in an imaginary, interactive world while cycling indoors T1905 Steering Frame for i-Magic
  • To experience the interactive riding element of the i-Magic to its fullest, and to immerse yourself even further in the Tacx virtual world, the combination with the steering frame is absolutely necessary
  • The bike rests in the easy-to-manoeuvre steering frame without the front wheel
  • A potential metre sends the position of the handlebars to the computer, so that each movement is visible on the screen
  • The link with the steering frame gives you the freedom to decide at any moment where you want to cycle
  • You can make a right-hand turn, pass opponents or deviate from the pre-programmed track and set out on your own
  • The steering frame is adjustable in length and suitable for all bikes
  • Optional extra for Fortius &
  • i-magic trainers
  • User can then free ride around the VR courses
  • Mounts onto trainer frame
  • Plugs into handle bar interface

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