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  • 10 ways to sex up your cycling

    If your riding feels stale, try these 10 tips to reignite your passion for cycling.

    Getting a few good sportive finishes under your belt, commuting by bike every day of the week, improving your time trial results can all fire up your riding and just make you want more.

  • #readersrides week three

    Fancy getting your bike into one of our galleries for tens of thousands of bike fans to see? Every week at BikeRadar we'll be giving 10 lucky individuals that opportunity.

    Every Friday we'll be requesting pictures ...

  • Niterider Pro 3600 Enduro bike light review

    This review is a small part of our Best Mountain Bike Lights feature, where we tell you the three best lights - plus eight others to consider - after testing 24 different sets of ligh...

  • Friday Five-a-side: this week's best new gear

    Once again Friday has rolled around and that means it's time for the latest edition of Friday Five-a-side.

    As usual, we're rounding up of the most interesting bits and pieces of road cycling and&nb...

  • Polar Loop fitness tracker review

    The Polar Loop is one of the most stylish ‘fit bands’ available, but only really works for biking when you add a compatible heart rate monitor.

    The Loop’s a particularly stylish version with a ‘hidden’ calori...

  • Pace RC127 review

    Pace blew the world away with its original, innovation laden, way-ahead-of-the-curve alloy RC100 frame 25 years ago.

    This 650b frame is the first in a fresh range from Yorkshire’s most famous MTB family, but is this distinctive prototype worthy of the name?


  • Best turbo trainers and rollers

    You have to keep riding in winter if you want to consolidate your summer fitness gains. Riding outdoors can be treacherous when it's dark and icy, which is why indoor trainers are a boon to cyclists, especially those who want to use their own bikes rather than go to a gym.

  • Michelin Wild Rock?R 2 650bx2.35in tyre review

    Like it or loathe it, the ‘enduro’ tag is here to stay – and the slew of specific products is giving mountain bikers access to top performing kit.

    The Wild Rock’R is a burly tyre...

  • Training advice for the cycling off-season

    At this time of year, the road season wraps up, and everyone in the cycling world becomes contemplative. Riders count their trophies, lick their wounds and think about what they can do better next year. The pros give one final push – fighting for contracts, hoping to nail ...

  • Top five enduro bikes for 2015 - video

    Enduro is on the rise. This year’s international bike shows – such as Eurobike and Interbike – showcased a wealth of bikes from this exciting di...