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Continental Gravity Mountain Bike Tyre - £19.92 £11.75

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The Gravity tyre has a 2.3" tread, and is designed for cross country trail riding & racing. Conti have worked on how they could improve on the current MTB tyres on the market. Two areas that they concentrated on were tread stability and tread traction.

By using the GravityArc concept as explained above, Conti have reinforced the Gravity's lugs by providing each of them with a wide base, so that they flex less under load, thus improving the tyres cornering & braking characteristics.

These "Arcs" (lug bases) will also provide grip of their own on softer terrain where the tyres footprint has more volume than tyres with a flat tread base. The tops of the lugs are hard & sharp so as to hook up & bite more rapidly & effectively through wet or loose surfaces.

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