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Picture of DT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon 29er Rear Wheel

DT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon 29er Rear Wheel - £465.00 £418.50

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Thanks to the TRICON® hub design, straight double threaded spokes and the open crowfoot lacing pattern with combined radial and crossed spokes, the XM 1550 TRICON® 29 wheel is stiff, long-lasting and at home in any riding situation.

TRICON® technology evolves. By using the feedback of pro riders, test riders from all disciplines and advanced material and manufacturing-technology, proven components are improved and new wheels designed. Features like the Open Crowfoot lacing and concave tubeless rims combine stiffness and lightweight into a superb wheel.

Two piece hub
The two piece flange and hub shell design keeps the bearing seat free of tension. This allows the bearings to spin as smoothly as possible.

Straight double threaded spokes
This spoke connection is considerably stronger as it is playfree on both ends and therefore subject to smaller peak loads.

Open crowfoot
Spoke pattern with combined radial and crossed spokes for high stiffness and perfect transmission of torques.

Torx nipples
Thanks to the Torx design the truing tool has a better grip on the nipple.

Rim insert
The spoke inserts are supported on two sides in the rim creating a big contact surface. The rim can be designed lighter and is airtight for tubeless compatibility

Concave rim profile
The concave shaped sidewalls counteract the expansion force induced by tire pressure and spoke pull.

Ratchet System
Thanks to the proven DT Swiss Ratchet System® the hubs can easily be converted to different axle standards and Freehubs

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