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Elite RealTour FF Wireless with ElastoGel - £499.99 £449.99

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The innovative RealTour automatically varies resistance based on the terrain of selected course and creates an exciting and challenging training experience.

Important training data is displayed on screen: speed, power, heart rate, pedalling cadence, slope and elapsed time

You can create an unlimited amount of courses with RealTour, and have total control over altimetry and distance.

Create your own courses

Easy to use

RealTours features create a unique indoor training experience:
Electronically managed resistance unit with maximum slope of 6% (500W at 30 Km/h)

Oversized Elastogel roller (an exclusive material developed by Elite) reduces tyre wear by 20% and noise level by 50%;

New Real Software release with an updated and user friendly interface that displays and saves all training data.

RealTour is a versatile training tool, perfect for the amateur rider who wants to recreate road riding indoors, or for those who need specifically targeted training sessions, or for those who simply want to stay fit with an interesting sports activity.

RealTour offers:
The software includes a "How To" feature that guides you through all of the softwares functions; learning and mastering the software (even the most advanced features) is quick and easy.
*2 RealVideos included

Training Programs

Six different training programs create targeted training based on your specific goals:

The cyclist specifies power output and distance for each segment

The cyclist specifies power output and time for each segment

altimetry values for any race can be copied

altimetry values and distance of any race can be copied into the program

The cyclist specifies altimetry and time for each segment

The cyclist specifies slope and distance for each segment

The cyclist specifies slope and time for each segment

My RealVideo
RealTour is compatible with the My RealVideo app. Use your Smartphone to record any route or course and relive it on RealTour!

Web Race
Real software lets you compete against cyclists from all over the world.

GPS Data Import
Real software can import GPS data, recreating the altimetry profile of specific courses. It is possible to compare a previously recorded time over a specified course. The software is compatible with the most common file formats: Garmin's .crs and .tcx, Google Maps .kml and many more.

Google Maps
Google Maps lets you create personalized courses from anywhere in the world and match the pedal resistance based on the altimetry to that you would experience on the real course.

Maps can be displayed in many ways:
Simple Map
Satellite view
Elevation mode
Perspective view (a must on mountain courses)

Google Maps can be activated while riding and displays the on-screen course and rider's position. It is also possible to create new routes from your favourite rides and to check for updated course data.

The Panoramio option enhances your training by displaying photos uploaded by riders of the region you're riding through.

Real software lets you save, review and export your training data.


The reinforced frame of 50mm diameter tubing creates a very stable and safe bicycle + home trainer setup.

Resistance unit
The electronically managed resistance unit, one of the best performers on the market, develops up to 500 W (on an average 85Kg rider's weight and 30Km/h speed).

The specific properties of the Elastogel roller creates increased adherence between the tyre and the roller, reduce energy loss while pedalling and increase performance level.

The Elastogel also reduces noise and tyre wear and increases product life due to a higher material resistance.

Data transmission between the home trainer and other devices is wireless and uses the ANT protocol. The ANT protocol is very safe from interference, especially from devices in close proximity.

Locking System
Mounting your bicycle is quick and easy with the Fast Fixing locking system:
It's fast: simply pull down the lever to clamp the bicycle.
It's safe: the lever securely clamps the bicycle to the home trainer.
It's easy: only one hand needed.

Ritmo feet
"Ritmo" feet feature a spring-adjusting system that oscillates to the rider's body movements, making it possible to stand up and pedal as if you were on the road.

A frame with the 4 Ritmo Feet, an exclusive internal shock-absorbing system, responds to the riders movements and realistically reproduces the lateral motions of road riding. The shock-absorbing feet have an easy-to-use selector that adjusts oscillations to the rider's weight or preference.
Standard feet included.

SensorLess Cadence

The SensorLess technology records cadence without having to install a sensor on bicycle's frame, making installing or removing a bicycle even easier.

Travel Block
Travel Block raises the front wheel and levels the bicycle to give you the correct riding position.

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