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Picture of Fox Racing Shox 32 Float 100 Terralogic Tapered QR15 29er Fork

Fox Racing Shox 32 Float 100 Terralogic Tapered QR15 29er Fork - £835.00 £626.25

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The Fox Terralogic system automatically adjusts to trail conditions in real-time. The Terralogic system allows you to focus on the task at hand. When it gets rough, the fork becomes active for plush, bump-absorbing performance; in smooth conditions, the fork stiffens to provide pedaling efficiency. The Terralogic adjuster adjusts the platform of the lockout to have it either fully locked out or fully open. Kashima coated stanchions only available on Fox forks provide an exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability and the 15QR thru axle system which gives you confidence when you're deep in the rocks, roots, and ruts.

The Terralogic damper contains a weighted brass inertia valve called Brassmass, which freely slides on a shaft to open and close compression flow ports in the damper.

The Brassmass assembly automatically responds to the impact of bumps or potholes in the trail, opening the compression flow ports and allowing the flow of damping oil. The Brassmass assembly does not respond to rider input (pedaling, sprinting, G-outs), keeping the compression flow ports closed and maintaining the pedaling platform or the feeling of fork lockout. With the patented timer circuit constantly in control as you ride, the transition between maximum pedaling efficiency and low speed damping control is nearly instantaneous.

The Terralogic threshold is an adjustable compression blow-off valve that bypasses the Brassmass assembly, adjusted with the blue knob located on the bottom of the right fork leg. This knob enables you to regulate compression platform when the Brassmass assembly is closed.

FIT (FOX Isolated Technology)
Air and oil do mix, and in the world of suspension, it degrades performance. Our isolation technology employs a bladder system that simply keeps the oil and air from mixing to provide optimal performance in all riding extremes. The single wall expanding bladder design provides the lowest friction for sealed dampers, reduces fluid aeration for enhanced suspension consistency, and reduces unsprung weight for faster wheel response and increased steering precision.

FLOAT Air Spring Curves
Fox's ultimate goal with the FLOAT air spring is to mimic the linear curve of a coil spring. The secret to achieving near-perfect linear spring curves, while maintaining bottom-out resistance in each travel setting, is focusing on both ends of the fork's travel path.
The results are:
Less initial breakaway force
Longer negative spring and reduced air spring compression ratio for a more linear feel
Optimized use of overall travel
More travel with less ramping at the end

Kashima Coat
Buttery-smooth, Genuine Kashima Coat is available only from FOX Racing Shox. Its distinctive gold color is backed by its high performance attributesproperties that provide an exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability.

Superlight Fork Chassis
The lightest ever FLOAT 29 forks with zero sacrifices in stiffness or performance. These short-travel forks (26 100/120 and 29 100) feature the same weight-saving engineering as the 34, resulting in unmatched torsional stiffness and trail performance.

Don't sacrifice performance by going with a standard QR skewer. Fox has teamed up with Shimano to create an axle that is extremely light and stiff, in a tool-free design. You'll gain a ton of confidence when you're deep in the rocks, roots, and ruts.

The 15QR lever
a) Cutout in lever reduces weight and improves functionality
b) Lighter weight forged lever
c) Lighter weight forged axle shaft

With a clockable thread you never have to adjust your QR skewer nut to find the perfect tension. It also produces a 25% increase in transverse shear stiffness meaning the fork legs function as a single unit, improving suspension performance and front end confidence when forces on the wheel are not even on each side and 15% increase in torsional stiffness also increases rider confidence.

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