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Picture of Fox Racing Shox Float 32 100mm Tapered Forks with Remote Lock

Fox Racing Shox Float 32 100mm Tapered Forks with Remote Lock - £729.98 £437.99

Save £291.99!

Built with a superlight weight chassis that does not sacrifice stiffness gives you confidence when you're deep in the rocks, roots, and ruts.

FIT (FOX Isolated Technology)
Air and oil do mix, and in the world of suspension, it degrades performance. Our isolation technology employs a bladder system that simply keeps the oil and air from mixing to provide optimal performance in all riding extremes. The FIT CTD damper offers riders a wide range of adjustments in a lighter weight damper that provides unparalleled front wheel traction.

FLOAT Air Spring Curves
Fox's ultimate goal with the FLOAT air spring is to mimic the linear curve of a coil spring. The secret to achieving near-perfect linear spring curves, while maintaining bottom-out resistance in each travel setting, is focusing on both ends of the fork's travel path.

The result are:

Less initial breakaway force

Longer negative spring and reduced air spring compression ratio for a more linear feel

Optimized use of overall travel

More travel with less ramping at the end

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