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Picture of Hope Hoops Pro2 Evo SP 29er Wheelset

Hope Hoops Pro2 Evo SP 29er Wheelset - £405.00 £364.50

Save £40.50!

After many requests they have added a 29er rims to the range. These are the excellent No Tubes Crest, Arch, Flow and Mavic Tn 719 29er. All of their wheels are machine built and hand finished in our Barnoldswick factory. They use Sapim Race and Sapim Polyax brass nipples.

The Hope straight pull hubs have all features and specifications of the standard Pro2 Evo but now available with either a standard Shimnao/Sram or XX1 driver freehub body and a choice of hub convertors available separately for the rear and QR and 15mm converters supplied with front which makes the Pro2 wheelsets ultimately versatile and suitable for all uses.

Lighter than the Arch, the ZTR Crest is built for cross country and light trail use. Next generation BST provides the tire stability and tubeless seal. Wins at the Tour Divide and BC Bike Race have established the Crest 29er as the leader in light, reliable big wheels.

Ach EX Rim
The Arch EX is lighter, wider and tougher than the original Arch rim! Once again, Bead Socket Technology construction provides superior tubeless compatibility. The internal arch design provides durability and stiffness, two assets especially important for heavier riders. Although lightweight, the Arch EX can handle aggressive trail riding. Quite possibly the best rim for any situation.

Flow EX Rim
The Flow EX is lower, wider, and meaner, offering a lower profile sidewall and redesigned Bead Socket Technology for maximum durability and tyre seal on even the most punishing of technical trails. We kept the weight low, but the EX offers 14% thicker sidewalls for maximum dent resistance and a 33% thicker spoke bed for added pull-through strength. Increasing the outside width of the rim to 29.1mm and the interior width to 25.5mm let them reshape the bead socket for an even tighter seal and allowed our internal arch to add even more stiffness to the rim's structure. The new Flow EX: the strongest, fastest rolling, and best sealing tubeless rim available for 650b tyres size.

TN 719
The TN 719 is the ideal rim for 29er wheels being wide enough to allow the use or large volume tire, but still reasonably light. Made from Mavics exclusive Maxtal aluminium alloy that is 30% more resistant than a 6106 alloy, for lighter and stronger rims and featuring SUP technology which means after bending, the rim joint is arc welded. The welded seam is then milled for a smooth finish. A welded and milled rim joint is extremely strong and offers superior wheel balance. TN 719 Disc answers all of the 29er epic mountain bikers needs.

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