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Picture of Kona Process 111 29er 2014

Kona Process 111 29er 2014 - £3199.00 £2239.30

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Kona believe that trail and enduro bikes should have a shorter stem, this means that the handling is still and quick meaning you have better control over the steering.

The shortening of the chainstay has not shortened the wheelbase as is often the case. To counteract this Kona have lengthened the top tube increasing the wheelbase resulting in stability at speed.

Kona 7005/6061 Aluminium Butted
Kona 7005 and 6061 Aluminium alloys are used extensively throughout the fleet of mountain and asphalt bicycles. The benefits of this material is the tubings wall thickness can be increased or decreased, as well as shaped, allowing Kona to fine-tune a particular frames strength and the individual ride characteristics depending on its intended application. A tough, durable, affordable, light alloy, both Kona 7005 and 6061 deliver fantastic, reliable performance that lasts for thousands of rides.

Tapered Headtube
Tapered headtubes are not just for improving the aesthetics of your bike, due to its cleaner lines and smooth transition between the fork crown and headset cover, tapered headtubes offer a more solid connection between the frame and forks. This connection helps to distribute shock force better prolonging the life of the headset itself.

Rocker Independent Suspension
The Process range feature the Kona Rocker Independent Suspension, with this construction Kona have found a healthy balance between the down and the up, while also designing a suspension platform that was as compact and low-slung on the frame as possible for maximum standover, stiffness and manoeuvrability. This allows the suspension to provide a stable pedalling platform, while giving the rider a predictable feel throughout the travel.

Dropper Post
Dropper posts are a key element in riding technical singletrack. No surprise then, for 2014 Kona have specd dropper posts on numerous models throughout our Enduro and MTB Trail platforms, featuring the lightweight and proven seat posts from Kind Shock.

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