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Picture of Marzocchi 320 LCR Carbon 29er Suspension Forks

Marzocchi 320 LCR Carbon 29er Suspension Forks - £899.97 £710.98

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The compression can be adjusted with the dedicated adjuster to balance both high and low speed compression at the same time. This stunning technology offers a wider range of control especially in the rough or under full braking situations helping to limit fork dive and keeping the riding position safe and the steering precise. To keep the front tire glued to the ground, the rider can also adjust the low speed rebound with the external adjuster, while the high speed can be set by replacing the internal shim stack.

Its the ideal combination between motorcycle technology and XC competition needs. Smooth damping, reliable and low maintenance as an open bath system but light weight as a sealed cartridge at the same time. Low speed compression and rebound can be adjusted easily through external adjusters and the high speed rebound can be tuned by upgrading to a custom shim stack. The forks can be fully locked to challenge each climb! The internal blow-off valve will always keep the system safe when you accidentally hit the trail forgetting to unlock the fork.

DBC - Dynamic Bleed Cartridge
The Dynamic Bleed Cartridge is the most efficient riding control solution, which takes all the advantages of the most popular damping systems on the market: open bath and sealed cartridge. Based on a hybrid system, the DBC cartridge is a low pressure system with a compensation reservoir controlled by a coil spring instead of an air pressurized chamber. The oil will flow through two different circuits that, in the case of extreme riding, will allow the fluid to rush out the cartridge when the system gets under high pressure. The oil will then be sucked by the cartridge inside again through a one way seal avoiding air to get mixed with the fluid, keeping the sliders always lubricated and each single damping tuning step effective and consistent in the roughest riding sessions.

Air that makes you fly. The AER cartridge performs better than any other system on the market. Countless reviews and tests can proof that this is the way to go! The low pressure required keeps the seals sliding smoothly on the surface with no friction at all. The negative spring offers plushness you would expect from a coil system right from the beginning of the stroke. Furthermore, the fixed piston in the closed cartridge helps to reduce weight since less oil is needed in the entire system.

Remote Lockout
Completely redesigned form the top to bottom, the new Remote Control is now compatible with the most popular cockpit layouts form Shimano or Sram, and can be positioned on both sides of the handlebar. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the new remote can be easily combined with all forks featuring the lock out system by just replacing the adjusters.

Nickel Coating
Marzocchi Nickel Coating. Hard anodized, low friction race coating with Teflon impregnation increases small bump sensitivity and overall durability of all sliding parts (stanchion surface, seals, bushings).

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