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OMM Phantom 12 Pack - £100.00 £90.00

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The OMM Phantom series is designed for people who believe that the lightest equipment is critical. The Phantom series is aimed at fast, light and endurance competitors who require the highest possible functionality from the lowest possible weight. A minimalist design principle has been applied to the Phantom series, combined with the highest quality fabrics and components.

Phantom Harness System

1. When running humans balance the action of running by raising the opposite arm to the leg thats being raised. This creates a decrease in the distance between shoulder and opposite hip as the body rotates. However the length down the middle of the runners spine does not change. Phantom is designed to maintain the same length in the middle but increased in length over the shoulders when required.

The Phantom Suspension. It utilises a narrow yoke style connection behind the neck of the competitor combining fully adjustable elasticated cord at the shoulders

2. To counter the vertical effect of running on the movement of the Pack the bottom of the shoulder strap has a four-point attachment system. When the runner pushes off, the weight pulls on the lower strap but, as the runner drops back down, the upper strap tightens preventing the shoulder loosening and ultimately stopping the vertical movement of the PHANTOM PACK. In addition to this body surface area has been minimised which, in turn, has lead to a reduction in heat retention and discomfort while significantly boosting running performance.

3. OMMs third element for stabilisation of the PHANTOM PACK is the removable waist strap with pockets. The PHANTOM PACK provides the competitor a choice of removable systems to give the best performance for differing loads. In the unused waist pockets can be attached to the shoulder harness to provide extra storage space.

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