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POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Helmet - £221.07 £126.01

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POC's Ventilated Double Shell Anti-Penetration system exists to help maintain the balance between good ventilation and the structural integrity needed to deliver comprehensive protection. Too many open vents causes problems for riders as the risk of penetration is greatly increased - an issue especially risky for downhill riders.

VDSAP takes advantage of two overlapping ventilated shells that are offset to provide maximum coverage while maintaining optimum heat, perspiration and water management. The inner shell is constructed of super thin polycarbonate and the outer shell is made of carbon fibre.

Multi-impact EPP Liner

While traditional hard shell helmets and in-mould helmets rely on EPS lining to absorb shocks, POC use EPP. While Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) will become compromised after impact, resulting in permanent deformation, Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) does not, making POC helmets better equipped to deal with multiple impacts without the need for repairs or replacements.

Aramid In-Mold

POC have improved on the standard in-mold construction by fusing a sheet of aramid to the core of the shell. This helps maintain standard in-mold's light weight while adding a strong reinforcement that improves penetration resistance.

MIPS System

Oblique impacts can cause a rotation of the head and the brain. MIPS has been developed to reduce rotational force in these situations, to minimise the damage caused by an oblique impact, which the brain is more sensitive to than radial impacts.

The effect is achieved by inserting a low friction layer between the shell and the helmets inside. When an oblique impact occurs, the low friction layer allows a small controller rotation of the shell relative to the lining.

Recco Rescue System

Developed for avalanche rescue situations, the Recco Rescue System helps locate an outdoors-goer when they've become lost. The reflector located in a garment sends out a search signal which can be picked up by a detector operated by rescue teams. The Recco Rescue System uses highly sophisticated radar technology, but is simple to operate for the end user - requiring no power, switching on or signal strength to operate and weighing less that 5 grams.

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