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Picture of POC Trabec Race MIPS Helmet

POC Trabec Race MIPS Helmet - £201.08 £184.99

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Aramid Bridge

To create a low weight protection structure that was uncompromisingly strong, POC molded aramid to key areas of the helmets foam liner, creating durability and adding strength. The aramid weave is virtually unbreakable, creating a heightened structural stability that will deliver extreme protection during impact.

MIPS System

Oblique impacts can cause a rotation of the head and the brain. MIPS has been developed to reduce rotational force in these situations, to minimise the damage caused by an oblique impact, which the brain is more sensitive to than radial impacts.

The effect is achieved by inserting a low friction layer between the shell and the helmets inside. When an oblique impact occurs, the low friction layer allows a small controller rotation of the shell relative to the lining.

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