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Picture of RockShox SID XX Solo Air 29er Tapered With XLoc Fork

RockShox SID XX Solo Air 29er Tapered With XLoc Fork - £687.56 £440.04

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SID's Superlight Integrated Design structure plus 15mm Maxle Lite creates a chassis with all the stiffness you need at the weight you want.

Dual Flow
Suspension shouldnt pack up in rock gardens or buck after big drops. Thats why Dual Flow incorporates independent damping circuits, allowing separate rebound speeds for big hits and small ones. A user-adjustable knob controls the beginning-stroke (small-hit) rebound, and a factory-set ending-stroke (big-hit) rebound creates the perfect suspension for whatever the trail (or park) throws your way. Now tuning your suspension for your unique needs is as easy as a clockwise or counterclockwise turn.

Motion Control DNA
The XX is designed for riders looking for more efficiency. The XX Motion Control DNA damper features RockShoxs XLoc hydraulic remote lockout for the lightest, most ergonomic go-fast solution.

Power Bulge
When you need your forearms to be stronger for more control, you bulk them up in the gym. When you need more durability from your fork, bulk them up with our Power Bulge. Other companies just increase the stanchion size adding extra weight. Power Bulge simply reinforces the lower leg to allow for an oversized bushing, increasing stiffness and maximizing your ride.

Solo Air
Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. Its enlightened design lets you add air to your forks through a single Schrader valve, filling both the positive and negative air spring chambers simultaneously. So theyre always in perfect equilibrium, like Yin and Yang. Giving you a plush, predictable ride you can set up in seconds, with the lightest weight air spring on the market.

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