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Picture of Schwalbe Magic Mary Super Gravity 650b Folding MTB Tyre

Schwalbe Magic Mary Super Gravity 650b Folding MTB Tyre - £49.99 £44.99

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Super Gravity
Super Gravity has a new carcass construction at its core. The principle is a familiar one in motorbike tyres. We have taken the best features and developed them further for the MTB. For SUPER GRAVITY the sidewalls are made up of four layers of carcass material, but there are only two layers underneath the cap, the classic downhill tyre construction has six layers under the cap. This adds unnecessary weight and unfortunately also makes the cap rigid and hard.

The whole tyre (not just the sidewalls) is encased in SnakeSkin fabric. Weight is negligible and it helps a lot. In fact, it stabilizes and protects while remaining extremely flexible. At the same time it is ideal for Tubeless Ready application.

So Super Gravity means the tyre walls are more robust. The cap is more flexible. The tyre is lighter. Or in a single sentence: Downhill ruggedness at Enduro weight.

Super Gravity weighed up: When combined with Tubeless Ready riders save an impressive 700 grams in weight in comparison with a conventional downhill tyre. Not just somewhere on the frame, but on the rotating mass!

Triple Star Compound
Schwalbes best and most sophisticated triple compound. Perfectly adapted to the specific purpose. The TrailStar compound has a easy rolling base layer, grippy center (medium soft) and an extra grippy soft compound shoulder.

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