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Schwalbe Marathon Winter Performance Rigid MTB Tyre - £49.98 £26.99

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The spikes work best on ice when running at minimum pressure, while at maximum pressure the tyres can be ridden on ice-free roads with minimal road noise.

Spikes F&Q's
Can it also be ridden on a normal road?
Without any problem, but if the road is only rarely covered with snow the resulting tyre noise may prove annoying.

And it won't slide out in cornering?
No. The spikes 'claw' really well into normal asphalt roads and even fast cornering is not a problem.

Aren't spikes illegal?
Bike tyre spikes are no problem. Only motor vehicles spikes are prohibited in some countries, because they damage the road. Fast E-bikes are however considered motor vehicles.

Do the tyres have to be run in?
In order to ensure that spikes are permanently fixed, tyres should be run in for about 25 miles on asphalt, while avoiding any fast acceleration or heavy braking.

What is the lifespan of the spikes?
All Schwalbe spikes have a core made of extremely hard wearing tungsten carbide, so they can cover a few thousand miles. It is normal for the spike edges to round off and for them to become more deeply embedded.

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