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Picture of Schwalbe Thunder Burt Snakeskin TL Easy Folding 29er Tyre

Schwalbe Thunder Burt Snakeskin TL Easy Folding 29er Tyre - £49.88 £33.42

Save £16.46!

With its many small lugs Thunder Burt is close on the heels of Racing Ralph regarding grip and in terms of rolling resistance its even better than Furious Fred.

Triple Star Compound MTB

Our best and most sophisticated compound. Triple compound. Perfectly adapted to the specific purpose.

Extremely fast XC compound

Easy rolling base layer (base)
Fast center (medium)
Grippy shoulders (medium soft)

Enduro & Freeride Compound

Easy rolling base layer (base)
Grippy center (medium soft)
Extra-grippy shoulders (soft)

Downhill Compound

Easy rolling base layer (base)
Super-soft center (super soft)
Extra-soft Shoulders (extremely soft)

Please note: TrailStar and VertStar lose signfiicant performance when ridden in freezing temperatures.

One of our most effective inventions for Mountainbikes. SnakeSkin fabric adds only ca. 40-50 g per tire. This makes it the most practical protection against sharp rocks that can easily cut the side wall of light racing tires. SnakeSkin - in rocky terrain it is a great call!

Tubeless Ready

No tubes. Schwalbe Tubeless Ready tires make it possible. With three advantages weight, puncture protection and low rolling resistance.

What you will need:

Tubeless wheel
60 ml Doc Blue Professional
Schwalbe Tubeless Ready tire with special bead shape
And a modicum of patience and experience in fitting

Of course the tires can be used quite normally with a tube.


The tire bead is specially coated with a rubber mixture that reduces the risk of the tire slipping around the rim.

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