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SRAM Rise 40 MTB Front Wheel - £210.00 £115.50

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From the lightweight aluminum rim to the uncommonly durable hub, each component of the system brings out the best in the rest to activate the full potential of every ride and every rider.

Quicker acceleration. Effortless climbing. Pinpoint cornering precision and more controlled descending. Its no secretthese are the traits that make you a smoother and faster off-road rider. Theyre also the reason SRAM created RISE, an all-new off-road wheelset that optimizes performance for the XC rider and racer.

To create RISE, the SRAM product development team took a scientific approach to engineering a better wheel. They focused on six fundamental factors that affect the way you ride: weight, inertia, engagement, lateral stiffness, frontal stiffness and efficiency.

Knowing that light weight is a good thing, but not the only thing, SRAM focused on finding the perfect balance of weight and strength. They engineered, tested and finetuned rim designs for both the 26-inch and 29-inch RISE wheelsets to achieve lower inertia for snappier acceleration and increased efficiency.

The result was two final formulasone for the RISE 60 carbon wheel, aimed at XC racers and performance-obsessed riders, and the other for the RISE 40, the aluminum wheel which targets versatile XC all-arounders.

Taking the science a few steps further, engineers also studied the affects of various hub and rim materials, flange designs, spoke angles, as well as rim thickness and shapes, to create optimal all-around stiffness. Both RISE 60 and RISE 40 hubs are beautifully carved from aluminum for optimal weight and energy transfer. Encased in the Rise 60 hub is a unique pawl design that maximizes efficiency and power, making the most of every pedal stroke.

The sum of these effortsthe blending of engineering knowhow and real-world product testing and developmentcan be felt in the ride. More powerful bursts of speed. Confident cornering. Smoother descents and softer landings.

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