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Picture of SRAM Roam 30 29er Rear Wheel

SRAM Roam 30 29er Rear Wheel - £199.00 £179.10

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Nothing stands in the way of ROAM 30, the lightweight wheel engineered for every kind of rider. Wide Angle rim technology delivers superior traction and predictability, keeping you in complete control.

Double Time
Ratcheting up the smarts. This straight-aligned, 4-pawl design turns the 26-tooth ratchet ring into 52 points of contact. The result: smooth 6.9-degree engagement without reducing tooth size or offsetting internal geometrywhich means serious long-term durability.

Side Swap
Switching axles has never been easier. Threadless side caps can be installed and replaced by hand, no tools necessary. Side Swap symmetrical side caps refuse to take sides. The left side cap is identical to the right one. No need to figure out where each cap is going.

Solo Spoke
SRAM wheel design eliminates the need for different spoke lengths; one size fits the entire wheel. This identical length design means no longer wondering whether you have the right front/rear/drive side/nondrive side spoke handy.

Every part of the ball bearing comes from the exact same supplier, which means that each bearing bore can be precision machined to fit the bearing race exactly. With tolerances this tight, the days of adjusting play after every ride are over.

Taper Core
The sidewalls of SRAM rims are reinforced along the wings to withstand major impact. But the sidewalls then taper in along the centrereducing overall mass. The result is a very light rim with excellent dent resistance.

Wide Angle
Take corners as fast as you want. SRAM wheels have a wider rim profile without significant added mass. This profile holds tyre shape better, preventing tyre roll and giving you superior comfort and traction around corners.

XD Driver Body
XD is a new cassette driver body design that allows the use of a 10 tooth small cog and provides an improved interface with the cassette.

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