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Tacx i-Vortex Ergo/VR Trainer With TTS 4 Basic - £574.99 £517.49

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The i-Vortex electro brake consists of 8 permanent-magnets, 8 controllable electro magnets and a 2 kg flywheel. The maximum resistance is 950 Watt. The system is wireless, there is no cable running between the brake and the handlebar computer. A cadence sensor is no longer needed either, although power is connected to the mains. The i-Vortex includes the Skyliner front wheel support. The maneuverable BlackTrack steering frame also fits perfectly and is available as an optional extra.

The handlebar computer doesnt have a memory but programs for slope, power or heart rate can be set manually while training

The i-Vortex works with the Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic. Tacx is a pioneer in cycling through virtual worlds and has reached a new milestone in the development of Virtual Reality. For years we have worked very hard to create unique software with which the virtual world cannot be told apart anymore from the real world.

Completely new terrains have been designed, including roads with altitude differences, gradient percentages and curves. 3D buildings and trees give every terrain its own character. Lighting creates the right atmosphere and recognizable sound makes the VR world complete. The result? The Tacx Trainer software 4, overwhelming entertainment like its never been before.

In the VR terrains you can enjoy lifelike interaction with riders, cars and other elements in the virtual worlds. You battle against intelligent opponents with a very realistic way of riding; they can jump away and challenge you, for example. You never know what is going to happen, just like in a real race. This makes the experience even more realistic and addictive.

In the Tacx Trainer software 4 you can also use Catalyst, professional programs to analyze your training session in detail. With the Tacx films you can ride the worlds most famous races. And if you want to repeat your outdoor routes, you can import these rides in the Tacx software through GPS and relive them again indoors.

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