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Tacx Ironman VR Trainer With Ironman Video and Bottle - £1024.99 £922.49

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The Ironman trainer comes with the Tacx Skyliner front wheel support and a Kona water bottle specially designed to fit the trainer. Tacx also develops films of Ironman bike courses so you can ride these at home on the trainer. One of these films that is supplied with the trianer is the DVD of the Ironman World Championship, which is held each year in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

You can expand the trainer with the BlackTrack, a collapsible steering frame enabling you to go wherever you want to go in the virtual worlds of the Tacx Trainer software.

Motor Brake
The motor brake is the most advanced resistance unit and provides the most realistic cycling experience at the highest training level. The resistance is dynamically controlled, it is constantly calculated and adjusted in order to simulate natural road resistance, even for descents.

Tacx trainers feature a dynamic control of the braking force. Other trainers use a flywheel to pass the dead centre, Tacx trainers constantly adjust the resistance to simulate the most natural handling. Thanks to the dynamic braking system virtual climbs become real challenges. The Tacx Ironman trainer even has a downhill drive. The wheel keeps turning, just like in real life you do not have to pedal. This Tacx trainer best approaches reality.

LED Lights
The motor brake is equipped with LED lights that move to the rhythm of your cadence. The red lights light up when the power output is high. When the power output is low, the green lights are more visible. The Tacx Ironman trainer has to be plugged into the power grid, apart from this the trainer is wireless.

Virtual Flywheel
The flywheel is an essential part of the brake. By applying an arrangement with accurate sensors and advanced electronics the Tacx Ironman trainer reaches an unmatched level of reality simulation. The software-simulated flywheel of the Tacx Ironman trainer is like a virtual flywheel.

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