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VDO M5 WL Wireless Cycle Computer - £60.00 £54.00

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In developing the VDO M-series, particular attention was paid to creating a user-friendly operating structure and button-based function grouping. The result is a range of cycle computers that are convenient and intuitive to use and offer the renowned VDO quality.

The VDO M5's clear display shows the speed, average speed, maximum speed, ride time, trip distance, total distance, time and temperature. The VDO M5 can also be used on two bikes and offers ideal opportunities for cycling pre-mapped routes thanks to its trip section distance and time counters and its roadbook function (distance counter that counts forwards and backwards).

The VDO M5 uses digital wireless transmission and automatic pairing which enables interference-free transmission and simple handling during everyday use. The VDO M5s functions can be optionally expanded to include a wired heart rate and cadence measurement. Thanks to the modular structure, the desired equipment can be selected in line with the specific usage.

The VDO M5s comprehensive heart rate function shows the current, average and maximum heart rate while also providing percentage and graph-based outputs of the personal heart rate zones, including the training time per zone. The calorie burn is calculated on the basis of the heart rate values during exercise and converted into a cumulative value as an annual total for bike 1 and 2.

The optional cadence upgrade expands the VDO M5s functions to display the current, average and maximum cadence. The VDO M5s digital three-channel wireless unit makes it possible to simultaneously use and display the heart rate and cadence data.

The technical innovations incorporated into the new M-series are also reflected in the VDO M5. The intuitive, function-based operating structure and full-text display make the VDO M5 extremely easy to use. Numerous technical details such as an integrated display backlight, low battery warning for the cycle computer and all its sensors, data retention on changing the battery, an integrated tyre table for setting the wheel size, an automatic start/stop function when setting off after a break and a display sleep mode for longer breaks are all also designed for maximum user friendliness.

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