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Moon MX: Link & Cerberus Link Bike Light Set - £104.99 £70.00

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Moon MX: Link & Cerberus Link Bike Light Set

The Moon MX: Link & Cerberus Link is a versatile, powerful and dependable lighting solution. Ideal for road users, whether for daily commuting, urban errands or club race rides, this light set provides a bright and vibrant illumination in all weather conditions at any time of the day. Plus, these lights are USB rechargeable, have easily adjustable light modes and are IPX7 waterproofed.

The MX: Link and Cerberus Link offers the perfect light package for road cyclists, with the ability to operate both lights using a single button at either end! The Cerberus is Moons pioneering, IF Design Award-winning rear light; the first in the industry to address side visibility. Three COB (chip on-board) LEDs provide 270-degree visibility from the rear and becomes even more eye-catching as you advance through traffic. The MX: Link offers a GPS mount and light in one neat and compact unit, with a centred front beam.

Highly Visible, Secure and Reliable Cycle Lights

Optimise your safety on the road with this dual light package, an absolute must when riding amongst traffic on a regular basis. The Cerberus makes other road users aware of your position on the road from behind and crucially from the side, too. IPX7 waterproofing on both lights means getting caught out in rain is not an issue and at just 35g for the Cerberus and 100g for the MX, these lights pack a serious punch for their size.

USB Rechargeable

Perfect for rapid and easy charging on-the-go, a water-resistant USB charging port means you can boost your batteries in the car, at the café or anywhere with the facility to plug in the USB-C cable found in the box. The Cerberus can be fully re-charged in just two hours, whilst the MX: Link requires slightly longer, at two hours forty-five minutes. Once charged, both lights offer outstanding battery life on all modes. Not sure how much of your battery you have left? The battery and charging percentage indictors help ensure you leave home or work with plenty of charge.

Versatile and Secure Mounting Solution

For the Cerberus, three different sized O-Rings offer a mounting solution for a huge array of seatposts, from 20-52mm in diameter. A rubber pad is included to protect your seatpost from any mud or grit trying to interfere. The Cerberus is not just designed for a round seatpost, either. This is thanks to an innovative hinge system, making the light compatible with all seatpost shapes!

Compatible with Wahoo, Garmin and Bryton Cycle Units

The new handlebar head unit mount for the MX can be attached using a single tool, whilst installation of the unit inserts is quick and simple compatible with Wahoo, Garmin and Bryton. Finally, the light clicks into place using a quick-release system, allowing for easy charging and removal.

Adjustable Variable Lumens System

Find the perfect brightness for your ride with Moons Variable Lumens System. Available in all five of the Cerberus modes, you can choose an output of between 10 and 350 lumens. For the MX: Link, the VLS is an option in five of the MXs modes, allowing you to opt for an output of 20-400 lumens in some modes, and 20-300 in others. The MXs dual beam system means you can actually choose from three different beam combinations. The Cool White LED, Warm White COB, or both at the same time; referred to as MIX. The table below refers to the MIX combination.

A mode memory system on both lights means your chosen modes and lumens are already set for the next time you ride, whilst the lock system avoids accidental light activation in your kit bag

Run Times

  • MX:HM Link
  • Boost: 400 Lumens - 01:30 hr
  • Mode 1: 250 Lumens - 02:15 hr
  • Mode 2: 100 Lumens - 06:00 hr
  • Flash 1: 100 Lumens - 34:00 hr
  • Steady Flash: 300 Lumens - 12:45 hr
  • Day Flash: 400 Lumens - 43:15 hr
  • SOS Flash: 24:45 hr
  • Cerberus: Link
  • Mode 1: 25 Lumens - 03:30 hr
  • Mode 2: 50 Lumens - 01:45 hr
  • Flash: 25 Lumens - 20:15 hr
  • Steady Flash: 25 Lumens - 13:45 hr
  • Day Flash: 150 Lumens - 19:00 hr


  • Front and rear road bike lights
  • MX: Link Handlebar centred mount
  • MX: Link Garmin, Wahoo & Bryton compatible
  • MX: Link Dual beam
  • Cerberus 270° rear visibility
  • Cerberus 3 O-rings for easy mounting to different seatposts
  • Cerberus Innovative hinge mounting system
  • 400 and 150 lumens maximum output respectively
  • 7 and 5 different modes respectively, including Day Flash
  • Re-Charge time: 2 hrs 45 (MX: Link) and 2 hrs (Cerberus)
  • Variable Lumen System (VLS)
  • Mode Memory
  • Lock system avoids switching on accidentally
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Battery & Charging Indicators
  • IPX7 water resistant
  • Side Visibility
  • Size: 42x24x69mm (MX: Link) and 27x31x68mm (Cerberus)
  • Weight: 100g (MX: Link) and 35g (Cerberus)

In the box:

  • MX: Link & Cerberus Link Lights
  • Garmin, Wahoo & Bryton inserts for MX: Link
  • 3 O-Rings for Cerberus mounting:
  • - 20-26mm diameter
  • - 26-35mm diameter
  • - 35-52mm diameter
  • Handlebar Centre Mount
  • Rubber pad to protect seatpost
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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