Retro Feature - Cross Fell 1999

About 2 miles in. Nice day! Mmm, what's this white stuff? Lunch. Lots more white stuff. Ok, so it's cold. See the Dome in the distance? Climbing to the Dome
Still climbing to the Dome... Did I mention it was cold? Reaching the Dome Decending other side of Dome onto Pennine Way - Cross Fell next... Moody, that sun's a bit low.... Reaching the summit of Cross Fell?
Nice sunset....did you say sunset? Alien landscape... On top of Cross Fell? Not quite. Totally bonkers mate! So this is the top then? Ah - that'll be the top. At last!
Still at the top. Um, it's getting a bit dark. Only 7 miles to go! Food and Beer at the George and Dragon. Yum!