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LifeLine Tubeless Tyre Sealant - £4.49

Top Features:

  • Applicator bottle is reusable and includes built-in Presta Valve removal tool (80ml and 150ml bottle)
  • Clear measuring window
  • Mess free application
  • Seals punctures up to 5mm
  • DuPont Kevlar additive
  • Non-toxic and non-staining
  • Extended one year shelf-life
  • Application instructions on sealant bottle
  • Recommended Amount: 1"/25mm to 1.5"/38mm width: 60-80ml; 2" to 4" width: 100-150ml

Product Data

  • MTB: Yes
  • Tyre Bead: Wire
  • Road: Yes
Fast, effective and mess-free sealant for tubeless tyre setups. LifeLine Tubeless Tyre Sealant is delivered through the valve to eliminate spills. The Dupont kevlar additive rapidly seals punctures and tears up to 5mm.


Tubeless tyre systems are lighter than inner tube setups, they seal punctures instantly and allow you to run lower pressures without the risk of pinch-flat punctures; so you can ride faster for and spend less time fixing punctures at the side of the roads and trails.

Quick, Easy and Mess-Free

LifeLine Tubeless Tyre Sealant makes installing tubeless tyres quick, easy and mess-free. The 80ml and 150ml applicator packs are supplied with built-in Presta valve core extractors and specially shaped nozzles to deliver the sealant directly through the valve, eliminating messy spills. No scoops or syringes required. The formula is non-toxic, it includes Dupont kevlar additive to rapidly seal punctures and tears up to 5mm. It is compatible with all tubeless tyre systems.

80ml Applicator Pack includes enough sealant for a single road bike tyre (700c 25-32mm width). 

150ml Applicator Pack includes enough sealant for a single MTB tyre (29” 2-4” width). 

The applicator packs can then be refilled with the 500ml or 950ml pack for subsequent tyres.

Easy Delivery Of Tubeless Sealant

Simply mount the tyre to the rim, remove the core from the valve, deliver the sealant through the valve and inflate the tyre with the LifeLine Airblast Tubeless Track pump or similar tubeless pump. Then rotate the wheel and lay it on either side to allow the sealant to cover the entire inner surface of the tyre.

Pro Tip: Before adding the sealant, use a tubeless track pump to blast the tyre onto the wheel and seat the beads securely onto the rim. This way, there is no chance of any sealant drops or spills.

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